Online Telehealth Counseling

Sometimes circumstances are such that face to face counseling is not possible. In those cases, we provide counseling using an online video conference method that is protected and confidential in accordance with federal and state laws.

Telehealth services are provided to clients living in New Jersey and are covered by most insurance plans.

If you choose to engage in telehealth counseling, please use the appointment request tab or email us to make your first appointment.

Preparing for your telehealth appointment

Counseling is an interpersonal process that has traditionally been face to face. The use of electronic means such as telephone or video challenges the counseling process by reducing the non-verbal cues between the therapist and the client, changing the meaning and interpretation of pauses, and eliminating the environmental controls of the therapist’s office. Thus, special attention must be given in order to assure your maximum benefit from your telehealth session. Please be sure to review the informed consent form.

In preparation foe each appointment, please be sure you are in a safe and private place with as few distractions as possible. It would be helpful if you have an idea of things you want to address, an agenda. You may want to articulate for yourself and for your therapist an idea of what you would like to leave the session with. Subsequent to the session you can ask yourself, as a result of my conversation today, what will change in my feelings, my behavior, my life today.

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