Couples Counseling

If you are considering coming to couple’s counseling, it is safe to assume three things:

  1. You and your partner are in a relationship that you value with someone whom you cherish.
  2. There is something in the relationship that is not working for one or both of you.
  3. You both are committed to improving your relationship to live more joyfully with each other.

Couples counseling serves to help couples identify and enhance their relationship muscle groups like going to a physical therapist or trainer works on your body’s muscle groups.  The relationship muscle groups are: connection, commitment, cooperation, communication, and creed.

Connection refers to the fundamental attachment and love partners have with each other.  We all want to be chosen and cherished, loved and longed-for, safe and secure in our connection with our partner.

Commitment refers to each partner’s understanding of the central and lasting nature of the relationship and willingness to work to help it to flourish.

Cooperation refers to the couples shared problem-solving skills, ability to engage with mutuality in daily living, and to construct a mutually beneficial future.

Communication refers to the verbal and nonverbal patterns of sharing feelings and thoughts, problem-solving, and conflict management of the couple.

Creed refers to the beliefs held by the partners individually and together about themselves and each other and that which gives their lives meaning in this world and beyond.

In couple’s counseling you will have the opportunity to build these relationship muscle groups with the help of a counselor who will facilitate your conversation with each other.  

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